Paypal is getting flakey at the weekends

Weird goings-on at Paypal for the second weekend on the run. Trying to pay for ebay items, it tells me ‘We don’t recognise the device you’re using’. They’re the same 2 devices I’ve been using for several years. And I’ve bought more than 1,000 items using Paypal.

I spent an age on the phone last weekend and then going through interminable security systems to get a screen grab to them. Of course, I got a ‘we’re experiencing unexpectedly high volume of phone calls’ message last weekend and I got one again yesterday morning.

Ebay help far easier to get hold of, but they know nothing. Just give me Paypal’s phone number, which I know only too well already.

So, I think there’s something going wrong with Paypal’s systems. Certainly, last week the problem sorted itself out without them doing anything.

In the meantime, what do people recommend as an alternative to Paypal for ebay payments?

Guess what? It all worked fine at midnight. Paypal definitely getting flakey at weekends.



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