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Michael Caine and David Bailey in double act

July 8, 2012
Michael Caine by David Bailey

The latest portrait of Michael Caine by David Bailey

Michael Caine is an icon – in part thanks to the photographs of David Bailey – and the pair interview each other in today’s Mail on Sunday Live supplement.

‘I don’t analyse,’ says Caine. ‘The trouble with being an icon is that you don’t know anyone who is an icon.  There’s no cafe where you can go and talk to other icons, there’s no lessons, evening classes or anything. You don’t know what to do, so I don’t do anything. I just relax.’

He does watch his stats though:

‘Jack [Nicholson] and I are friends and we’re the only guys nominated for an Oscar every decade for the past five decades. But he’s won three and I’ve only won two. So he’s beaten me.’

Mail on Sunday profile

Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street

February 8, 2008

12 Fleet Street editors by Snowdon
The Fleet Street diaspora will no doubt be queuing up at the National Portrait Gallery to catch a glimpse of Snowdon’s snap of 12 newspaper editors taken for Vanity Fair. Their sense of importance enhanced by the fact that they barely had time to take their coats off – and that Dacre of the Mail, probably the finest of the generation, couldn’t make it, among others. But will Barber come to regret that tie? Couldn’t surgeons have been brought in to remove Rusbridger’s duffle coat? And didn’t Thomson time his transantlantic shift just right?