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Supermoon eclipse – and vampire magazine Bite Me fetches £21

September 28, 2015
Bite Me vampire magazine cover from summer

Bite Me vampire magazine: note the cover line: Ingrid Pitt rides again

Can it be a coincidence that tonight is the supermoon eclipse and last week a copy of the first issue of vampire magazine Bite Me fetched £21 on eBay? The main cover feature being: Ingrid Pitt screams again – the Anglo-Polish actress known as ‘Hammer Films’ most seductive female vampire’.

While tonight promises a blood-red lunar eclipse not seen since 1982 and not to be repeated until 2033, the magazine promised:

If you like vampires, the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, Bite Me is the magazine for you.
We’ve got interviews with real-life vampire hunters, features on famous film classics of the past Hammer Scream Queens, with Ingrid Pitt in the launch issue, plus all the latest horror movies, books and video releases.
Our team of roving investigators search out the world’s spookiest corners and we report on special events like the World Dracula Congress. We’ll even tell you if your neighbour is a werewolf!

Bite Me aimed to have readers glancing nervously out the window come dusk and hanging strings of garlic on their doors, with contents such as an interview with New York vampires and how to become a werewolf. Stuck to the cover were trading cards based on the Hammer Horror films.

Do they make them like this any more?