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Lenticular battle for Der Spiegel cover

October 15, 2009


I’ve been meaning to put these images up since I bought this copy of Der Spiegel in the week before Germany’s elections last month. It’s the best use I’ve seen of a lenticular cover. Titles such as NME , Sleaznation, Top Gear, Empire and Shine have all used lenticular covers before but this one has a very strong editorial logic behind it rather than doing it for the effect or a celebration issue (Rolling Stone celebrated 1,000 issues with a lenticular cover to give a 3D effect).


As you tilt the cover, the stuck-on sheet shows either Angela Merkel or her then rival for the German chancellorship Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the seat of of power.

Underneath the lenticular sheet is an illustration of the two, who had been sharing power in a coalition for the past few years – which the German news weekly is clearly fed up of.


The words at the bottom translate as a plea to the voters: ‘Please, not again. Germany before the election.’

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