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Slick Economist cover attacked

July 5, 2010

Economist’s Obama BP cover and the original image used on the NY Times website

The Economist has run into trouble in the US over its latest cover about BP, the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the Obama crisis. They’ve cropped two people out of an image to leave Barack Obama pondering alone in front of a rig in the background. There would have been no problem doing it graphically – and it’s a very literal position to attack such digital manipulation – but the US president’s spin doctors are no doubt trying to get in and rubbish the piece before it hurts. The agenda becomes the cover and not the damage done to Obama.

The Economist has been able to do no wrong in the US for decades, but opening itself to such criticism could be tricky – but then the ‘newspaper’ is a big boy and should be able to take care of itself.

I’ve seen figures suggesting sales at BP stations in the US are 5%-20% down because of a boycott (the high figure being in the Gulf of Mexico states hit by the slick), so the magazine will be hoping none of that rubs off.

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