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Naked Katy and her Dalek tempt Dr Who fans

May 28, 2016
Girl Illustrated front cover with Dr Who girl Katy Manning naked with a Dalek

Girl Illustrated cover with nude Dr Who girl Katy Manning cuddling a Dalek for a photo shoot

A whopping £275 is the asking price on eBay for a copy of a 1977 issue of Australian magazine Girl Illustrated with Dr Who girl Katy Manning naked on the cover with a Dalek – ‘Exclusive TV’s Katy strips’.

That’s quite a jump from the £120 a copy of the same issue of Girl Illustrated fetched in 2008.

Funnily enough, the boots Katy Manning’s wearing – she was Jo Grant, Doctor Who’s companion, in the 1970s – were a present from Derek Nimmo! The photo shoot created a stink at the BBC but the broadcaster did later use the same idea and issued publicity photos of Kylie Minogue in a cheeky pose with a Dalek (though not nude).

But will a copy of Girl Illustrated sell at that price? With 10 watchers, who knows?

Finally, a question for Dr Who experts – is the Dalek in the photo shoot naked? Or is the Dalek the name of the alien encased in the robot shell?

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Katy Manning, a Dalek and a cup of cold sick

July 27, 2009
Naked Katy Manning in boots with Dalek from Dr Who

Naked Katy Manning in boots with a Dalek from Dr Who

What makes an old magazine worth money? This 1977 issue of Australian magazine Girl Illustrated, which has just sold for £120 on Ebay, combines a naked minor celebrity – Dr Who girl Katy Manning wearing a pair of knee-high boots – a Dalek and a scandal at the BBC! The cover flash reads: Exclusive! TV’s Katy strips. I’ll let the seller describe it:

Girl Illustrated (vol 8 no 10), featuring Dr Who girl Katy Manning.  This copy is in very good condition, slight crease on front and back cover, all internal pages practically mint, crisp, unmarked. The pictures of Katy include 6 poses, including a centrefold. Katy Manning was persuaded by the Australian men’s magazine to do the feature, much to the shock and anger of BBC management at the time. They had managed to get hold of a Dalek and the darling young Katy in the buff (and in one shot with only a pair of knee length boots) made a perfect match for the most dangerous machine/creature in the universe. She commented that news of her photo shoot went down ‘like a cup of cold sick’ with the BBC Managers. Needless to say, she never worked on BBC children’s programmes again…

Manning played the companion, Jo Grant, to Jon Pertwee’s Doctor in the 1970s.

The BBC’s Radio Times magazine did do an interview with Katy Manning in 2012 and it turns out that Kylie Minogue had also wrapped herself round a Dalek.

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