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Brexit threatens Spare Rib archive

July 24, 2019

The British Library has digitised all the issues of feminist monthly Spare Rib

Back in April, the British Library warned that the digital archive of the iconic 1970s feminist magazine Spare Rib might have to close down. Nothing has changed, because the problem is Brexit. If there’s no deal on Halloween, the site has to come down – and might never come back up again.

I’m sure Boris is working on it with his new cabinet as we speak, but as with everything to do with Brexit, on-one knows anything for sure. Two other possibilities are:

  • The Spare Rib Jisc resource would stay until the end of any transition period. But it is not clear whether or when it would be possible to make the resource available again after that.
  • In the case of the UK remaining in the EU or reaching some form of agreement with Brussels to align the copyright regimes, the archive will remain available.

The complete run of the feminist spearhead in print was digitised by the British Library and is hosted at Jisc Journal Archives.

For now, Spare Rib is freely available, but if you’re interested in it, I’d get in quick. The Jisc archive also has hundreds of academic journals, but you can only download articles if you’re at a college or university that has a subscription.


Statist from 1967: worth quoting after Brexit vote

June 29, 2016
A cover from 1967 that could be in the shops today after the Brexit vote: Statist magazine from 24 February 1967

A cover from 1967 that could be in the shops today after the Brexit vote: Statist magazine from 24 February 1967

I mentioned the predilection of Financial Times columnist and editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek Merryn Somerset Webb for quoting a long-defunct weekly magazine, the Statist, a while back. On April 18, she came clean:

Filed away in my basement I have every edition published of The Statist, a financial magazine from the 1960s and early 1970s. I flick through them often to see how things have changed – and how they haven’t. It is amazing how often seemingly new ideas are recycled and how our money gripes stay much the same, whatever the government.

Too true. And now we know the trick to becoming such a successful FT writer. But another question arises: what is Somerset Webb doing with a basement full of such a rare magazine? It’s not exactly the sort of thing that pops up on eBay every week.

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