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‘My crochet partwork hell’

January 19, 2010

‘My crochet partwork hell’ is hardly the sort of headline you’d expect but it sums up the problems one newsagent had in getting hold of copies of one of the surprise hits of the new year – The Art of Crochet. The Hachette partwork has ‘been drastically undersupplied’ one newsagent tells Retail Newsagent.

Hachette reveals that it had planned to cut distribution of the second issue by up to 70% of the first, but that figure will now be 55%.

A newsagent in Honiton was supplied 3 copies and sold them all in 24 hours.

There are  copies going on eBay from £5 upwards. No doubt there’ll soon be more and there’ll be a black market in photocopies.