About the Magforum blog

The Magforum blog is about magazines and magazine publishing. It is written by Anthony Quinn, the journalist and founder of Magforum.com in 2001. My History of British Magazine Design for the V&A museum was published in June 2016. I have also written the section on magazines since 1914 for the Cambridge History of the Book in Britain (vol 7).

Although the blog is focused on magazines, the range of topics is eclectic, as demonstrated by the most popular posts:

I was a magazine editor for a decade at BBC/Redwood where I launched and/or edited seven titles, which won several awards. As Head of the School of Publishing at West Herts College, I lectured for eight years. In 2000, I returned to journalism at the Financial Times in London, where I worked as an editor across the paper, FT.com and the tablet edition for 15 years. In 2016, I resumed freelance, writing and lecturing, with work at The Times, The Sunday Times, Gym Class and various universities.

Older publications include CD-Rom for Publishers (Pira, 1997), Marketing on the Web (2001), Doing Business on the Web (2001) and Online Essentials (2003). For four years I was Internet Editor for Croner’s Marketing Handbook and was on the editorial board for the Print and Production Manual (Pira/BPIF). I’ve run workshops in the UK and Far East for the British Council; lectured at Oxford Brookes University in marketing; and to MBA students at the Glion Institute in Switzerland on topics such as ‘The hospitality industry and the Press’, ‘Celebrities and the Media’ and ‘The Future of Digital Magazines’. I have also advised publishers on search engine optimisation. I ping-pong between the ancient literary borough of Borough in London, and Hadleigh, the medieval Suffolk wool town.

A connoisseur of Borough’s pubs and ales, I frequent the Gladstone for its live music, the Royal Oak for its Harveys and the Roebuck for the locals. The week before Christmas I can be found writing Christmas cards bought at St Bride’s in the Cheshire Cheese. In Hadleigh, it’s a pint in the Cock after a rummage in The Idler bookshop.

You can reach me by e-mail: tony [at] magforum.com


5 Responses to “About the Magforum blog”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Tony – belated thanks for your kind mention of the St Brides event; shame you couldn’t be there

    See you soon – enjoying the blog


  2. Nicola Says:

    How many unique users does the MAg Blog forum recieve?

  3. Jason Says:

    i have a story about a new magazine,
    how i can sent it?


  4. magforum Says:

    Contact me through the Magforum.com website – tony @ magforum.com

  5. Nick Evans Says:

    Hi there Tony
    The days of Acorn User seem so far away now, but I just stumbled on the index of all the editions. Bizarre. You taught me more about writing concise copy in one (rather brutal) editing session than I learned in the rest of my life. Set me up really!
    Thanks and hope all is well with you.
    Nick Evans – formerly your devoted Education Editor

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