A magazine for Christmas


Subscription promotion for the Spectator magazine

Done all your Christmas shopping? Or are you still looking for a present? Magazines and books are a good option, particularly because you can get them delivered.

As the Spectator flyer above shows, a subscription can be ordered lasting from just a few weeks to match a limited budget rather than the usual year or more. As well as that legendary title – it’s been published continuously since 1828 – there’s the quintessentially English Country Life. There are also magazines for just about every county, such as Cheshire LifeMagazines Direct offers dozens of titles and Exact Editions provides digital issues (and archive access) from the UK and around the world.

Among the popular independent magazines, Little White Lies is a cult movie magazine with great writing and illustration at £27 for a year’s worth of five issues; Delayed Gratification is my personal favourite (single issues for £12 or subs from £26); or a Stack subscription ensures someone gets a different title every month.

oz-magazine-cover-1967-bob-dylanOne option is a classic issue from eBay or Amazon with a spectacular cover or an article of particular interest to your recipient. These can be had from a few pence for the last issue of NME; to hundreds of pounds, such as this Oz Dylan issue from 1967; and even thousands, such as a July 1915 copy of the Vorticist magazine Blast with its images by Wyndham Lewis and poems by Ezra Pound.

And, of course, there’s a magazine – whether classic or modern – for every hobby, pastime or sport, from film to cycling to collecting.

It’s a similar story for books, and Magforum has a list of books about magazines that you can search for on sites such as Abe books, eBay and Amazon. As for modern editions, Nova 1965 – 1975 celebrating the original ‘thinking woman’s magazine’ and compiled by David Hillman and Harri Peccinotti has recently been reissued at £26. It’s a classic. 

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