Night of the supermoon

Bite Me magazine

Bite Me magazine

The papers are full of talk of a supermoon tonight and how this will not occur again until 2034. The last time I covered this aspect of astronomy was when a copy of the first issue of Bite Me magazine sold for £21, at a time that coincided with the supermoon eclipse. [BTW, this is a difficult post to write, my Mac keeps turning ‘supermoon’ into ‘superman’ – all this talk of AI, but computers are just getting more stupid!].

Hammer Horror film vampire superstar Ingrid Pitt was the main feature of that issue. No such interest tonight, though a set of 10 issues of Bite Me on ebay sold recently for £19.99.

Tonight, it’s all about a “perigee full moon” – when the moon is full and at its closest to the Earth on its orbit. The opposite is an “apogee”, when the moon is at its farthest distance from Earth. Tonight, the moon will appear about a third bigger than when it is at its apogee.  It’s a difficult comparison to make, but the moon certainly looked bigger last night, particularly as it rose. A real harvest moon.

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