Price rules on the newsstands

I walked into WH Smith at Victoria to be met with offers galore.

First of all, it’s £10 for any three magazines – great for Monocle or Tank buyers who already pay £5 a throw. If you take both, then just pick up a free copy of Tatler.

Next, you see the flashes on Company and Glamour – £2 each.

And if that’s not tempting enough, IPC has bagged the November compact issues of Marie Claire (usually £3.60) and In Style (£3.70) together for £4.99.

So, for £10, you can walk out with £17.30-worth of magazines: Monocle, Tank and the IPC combo.

This is WH Smith really using its buying power to increase its share of the market – but it will be local newsagents that suffer, and they are probably already smarting from the loss of News of the World sales.

Quiz of the day: by what name was WH Smith originally known? Search (Ctrl-F) on WH Smith on this magazine history page to find out.


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