Guardian to publish news lists

Incredible to my ears, but the Guardian is to publish its news lists – which show what stories the paper is working on for the next day or week. Giving advance warning of all its scoops? Showing where it is focusing reporting resources? Letting all the competition into its thought processes?

Of coures, it turns out it’s an experiment and ‘We won’t quite show you everything’ … ‘but most of our plans will be there for all to see, from the parliamentary debates we plan to cover to the theatre we plan to review.’ The paper ‘would love to know what you think’.

Even if this is an edited version of the process, it gives a great insight into how the news agenda works on a paper for the public and especially journalism students.

2 Responses to “Guardian to publish news lists”

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    […]Guardian to publish news lists « Magforum[…]…

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