IPC relaunches Woman with Holden cover

Woman Feb 11 cover

Woman Feb 11 cover

New look for Woman weekly magazine in shops May 10

New look for Woman in shops May 10

Having sold off several magazines – from Loaded to Cage & Aviary Bird to Aeroplane – last year, IPC is now turning to investing in its other titles. Woman relaunches tomorrow with a strategy ‘to exploit a gap in the market for a more positive and aspirational weekly magazine for women aged 35-plus’.

Amanda Holden (who turned 40 in February) is the cover celebrity of choice: ‘How Simon, Piers and girlfriends are helping her to get through’.

No figure is put on the cost. However, when sister title Woman was relaunched in May 2006, IPC spent £3.2m. When Woman’s Own was relaunched in April 2007, it spent £2m.  The year 2007, saw the title repositioned from:

A modern mix of inspiring practicals, surprising real life and riveting celebrity reads combined with in depth advice you can trust.


Woman is a must-have weekly fix of hot celebrity news, juicy TV insider gossip, compelling real life stories and body confident fashion and beauty.

Overall, the latesst new look is cleaner – despite cramming in all those vital cover lines – and classier with the white background. Ultimately though, this is not about the magazine looking better, but arresting the long-term decline in its sales.

IPC may claim it is ‘market leading women’s lifestyle magazine’ but take out that word ‘lifestyle’ and its sales of 291,700 a week pale against Take a Break‘s 833,522. And in its its 1950s heyday it would have sold 2 million copies a week, at a time when rival Woman (they were then owned by separate companies) was selling 3 million. To think that owner Odhams launched Woman’s Realm  in 1958 partly to take sales pressure off Woman – its sales were stretching the ability to print it! 

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Other magazine relaunches

Woman 2011 new look Amanda Holden cover

Woman 2011 new look: Amanda Holden on the cover

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