The failure of iPad magazines

Amid all the hype, Andrew Losowsky has taken a hard look at magazines on the iPad for the Hospital Club and come up with some very cold water for publishers, such as:

  1. Why should someone pay $47.88 for the Wired app when it costs $10 a year in the USA to receive for the magazine?
  2. There are 15m iPads out there. Sound a lot? (It’s only the population of Beijing.)
  3. There’s a massive amount of competing media on an iPad (250m websites for a start).
  4. Apps are a fad. Remember the CD-Rom publishing revolution? he asks. (I do, I wrote a book on it!)
  5. Maglets (magazines on tablets) are ‘outside the digital conversation’ – you can’t tweet someone a chunk of one.
  6. Most mag apps are ‘irritating applications of over-design by people giddy at the possibilities of new formats’.

Is there any hope? Read the rest of Andrew’s article.

History of digital media


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