Hitler in Liverpool

The Hitler Mein Kampf partwork post has thrown up a few queries, but I cannot throw any light on Adolf Hitler’s supposed visit to Liverpool. What I can confirm is that Kirklands bakery in Hardman Street did have a sign in the window saying that both Queen Victoria and Hitler’s brother had eaten there.

This makes sense because Hitler’s half brother Alois lived in Upper Stanhope Street, in Toxteth – and the nearby Philharmonic Hotel (opposite the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall) had a chicken curry dish on its menu using a recipe that was claimed to have been invented for Victoria (she visited Liverpool at least twice, in 1851 and 1886).

This was long before Kirklands became a wine bar, with a room above where people such as George Melly sang. It is now the Fly in the Loaf. I occasionally cleaned the windows of several premises in the area, including Kirklands and both the Philharmonic Hall and hotel over a period of about 10 years from the mid 1970s to 1980s.

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