Delayed Gratification (cheque in the post)

First there was slow food, then the FT’s Slow Lane column by Harry Eyres (the antidote to Tyler Brule’s Fast Lane alongside)* – and now there’s a slow magazine reacting to the give-away online world.

Delayed Gratification, a quarterly from The Slow Journalism Company, ‘distils three months of the UK’s political, cultural, scientific and sporting life into a witty magazine of record’. So it sounds like a cross betweeen the short-lived Snug of 2002 and Cover of 1997, the still-thriving Chap and The licence-to-print-money Week.

Though it comes from a slow viewpoint there are pages of easy-in, easy-out graphics, a nice angle on the late Norman Wisdom behind the Iron Curtain – in a long line of British comedians who are probably bigger in far flung places than here dating back to Freddie Frinton. But its attitude is not just slow, the editorial stating it is ‘our flag in the sand – a magazine of record from editors determined to swim against the electronic tide’.

But is the golf pic worth a double-page spread? And what about the word ‘Oct’ in a large brown circle taking up a whole page while the real meat is crammed in on the opposite spread? A magazine costing £12 a copy or £40 a sub (same as the British Journalism Review which is now an academic journal with an academic price to match – my relatives club together to get mine) needs to get a measure on such things very quickly.

Still my Paypal is in the electronic post.

(And I liked the bouncey drop-down menus on the home page!)

* Astoundingly, Poetry Editor of The Daily Express (1996-2001)


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