IPad: sales hit PCs; Murdoch’s Daily delay; mag apps slump

In a report on PC sales, IDC has said ‘Growth steadily slowed throughout 2010 as weakening demand and competition from the Apple iPad constrained PC shipments’.

The FT backs this up with a Gartner study, saying: ‘IDC and Gartner, in separate reports issued on Wednesday, said total shipments were less than previous projections.’

IDC estimates that about 17m tablets were shipped by manufacturers in 2010, most of them from Apple, and that figure is expected to reach 44m in 2011, alongside 385m PCs.

Poynter is showing a house ad for Rupert Murdoch’s Daily iPad-only newspaper, which was to be launched by Murdoch and Apple’s Steve Jobs, says Roy Greenslade, but today’s Guardian says the launch as been set back several weeks. Some wag is bound to dub it ‘The Daily delay’ if this carries on

And Monday’s Media Guardian analysis of iPad trends made disappointing reading for publishing seeking another revenue stream. ‘iPad apps – still more dash than cash’ by Jemima Kiss said:

Figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations in the US show average monthly downloads slumping by the end of 2010. Only two publishers were brave enough to share their figures.

Conde Nast and Rodale revealed that:

  • Wired US iPad magazine sold 73,000 copies through the app in its first nine days in May 2010 but that fell to 23,000 in November
  • Vanity Fair sold 10,500 in October but 8,700 in November
  • GQ’s average fell from 13,000 in October to 11,000
  • Men’s Health fell from 2,800 monthly shortly after the iPad launch to 2,000.

Developments in digital magazines


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