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WikiLeaks and newspaper censorship

November 29, 2010

‘[T]here has been a lot of ill-informed comment (and sometimes downright lies) about the role of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee and the DA notice system which it regulates. Cries of censorship abound.’

So writes Simon Bucks of Sky, and vice-chair of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee, which issues DA notices to the media – commonly referred to as the D notice committee. The WikiLeaks story about the US diplomatic cables has kicked it all off. Guido Fawkes and WikiLeaks itself are cited as misrepresenting the system.

Bucks then goes on to cut through the garbage with a lucid explanation of what the committee does and how the D notice system works. Required reading if you blog on the topic.


Terry Jones on i-D at 30

November 22, 2010
i-D magazine first issue cover

i-D magazine: the first issue in 1980

So, fashion bible i-D has racked up 30 years on the bookshelves. And Terry Jones has a book out on its covers with Edward Enninful. Just the thing as a Christmas present for your fashion-watching, designer other half.

Jones tells the FT’s Ludovic Tilney-Hunter:

‘I don’t like bagging, I don’t like stick-ons, I don’t like covering an image with cover lines … Print has to become more precious, it has to have a different status to the disposable digital world.’

Too true. And it’s always intriguing to see who can’t wink.

i-D history

WATCH OUT for my book on British Magazine Design from the V&A

Time Out: still hard at it

November 17, 2010
Time Out 10th anniversary cover

Time Out covers were legendary by the magazine's 10th birthday - and that was 32 years ago

Just been updating some Magforum pages, a 20/20 cover here, some fresh links there and an update to the Time Out profile.

One of items added was a link to a piece about Time Out by former editor Dominic Mills (‘Inside Elliott’s empire’). His British Journalism Review article is a witty piece covering the editor’s beat, from the pain and pleasure of cover ideas to what makes a magazine and dealing with the web – all wrapped up as a review of the London listings magazine’s strategy. This sentence from the 2006 piece  will give you a flavour:

Parodying famous logos was a favourite device … Sadly, our plan to shape a line of cocaine into the Coca-Cola logo, with the strapline, “Does coke add life?”, was nixed by the lawyers.

Magculture took a look at last week’s issue.