How will we read magazines in 2020?

Digital magazines developer Exact Editions is running a poll to discover people’s views on which format, from a list of 11, will be the most popular for magazines in 2010.

Make your opinion heard in the poll, How will we read magazines?

Microsoft had a crack at this a decade ago and among its predictions were:

  • a ‘slate form’ Tablet PC would be a mainstream device by 2004;
  • eNewstands would ‘proliferate on street corners’ by 2006;
  • by 2008 ebook titles would ‘begin to outsell conventional volumes in most counties’;
  • by now, companies would be giving away ebook devices;
  • by 2020, the main dictionary definition of a book would be writing displayed on a computer.

One Response to “How will we read magazines in 2020?”

  1. News from the Magosphere October 27th ’10 · Magtastic Blogsplosion Says:

    […] Microsoft’s digital magazine predictions from ten years ago Right ideas, wrong timing. Which is as short a summary as you’ll get of Microsoft’s strategy since 2000 […]

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