Thumbs-down for Kindle in colleges

Seven US colleges ran a trial using Amazon Kindle book readers but they got a thumbs-down from about 80% of the students for their studies – although 90% said they were fine as personal reading devices.

The results of the college trial, reported in the Financial Times (‘E-books fail the classroom test‘), come as other organisations try out such devices in workplaces – the FT reported on Saturday that insurance brokers at Lloyd’s of London are using iPads (‘Lloyd’s brokers weigh up iPads‘) – and college trials are being set up on iPads.

The US trial reported that the Kindle ‘could be clinky. You can’t  move between pages, documents or charts simply … compared with paper.’

Other studies seem to show that people read books much faster on paper than on the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad, but there’s little surprise in this because the devices only show one page at a time, rather than a spread, and carry fewer words to the page.


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