Nick Knight and Neville Brody interviewed

People used to go into graphic design because they wanted to do record sleeves, but when vinyl disappeared, they moved into the rag trade, wrote Bill Tuckey* in the Independent on Sunday back in May. He went on:

During the 1990s, the likes of James Jarvis and Fergus Purcell helped create a new trend for limited-run printed T-shirts. At the same time, bookshops such as Magma had started selling monographed design products, and a new breed of graphic-design nerds and collectors was soon multiplying. Once the internet arrived, there was no stopping them.

The top blog now is arguably It’s Nice That, which was set up three years ago by Will Hudson and Alex Bec, two students at Brighton University. ” It started off as a project I was doing on my graphics course,” says Hudson, “leaving cards on people’s work, paying them a compliment. Then it got connected online and it’s grown organically ever since. Now we’re getting much more into curating shows and have set up our own design studio too.”

The fourth print edition of It’s Nice That comes out in September and can be ordered – with a free screenprint by James Jarvis if you get in before the end of this month. Nick Knight and Neville Brody head up the list of interviewees.

*Tuckey, B. (2010) ‘Warning: graphic content’, Independent on Sunday, 16 May, pp8-11.


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