When Ian Dury drew Tony Bennett

Ian Drury cover of Tony Bennett for London Life

Ian Dury cover of Tony Bennett for London Life

Tony Bennett is back on tour in the UK giving a ‘five-star show’ according to the Standard (and meeting up with fan Amy Winehouse to boot). Back in 1965, jazz writer and saxophone player  (in Lord Rockingham’s XI) Benny Green christened him ‘Sinatra’s heir’ in London Life magazine. In a classic issue – with a front cover illustration by ‘Razzle in My Pocket’ Ian Dury – Green said:

I Left My Heart in San Francisco … is an ideal vehicle for a singer of Bennett’s style, because of its leisurely movement from one predictable harmony to the next, and for the hyper-romantic content of the lyric [but what] may well be the reason for Bennett’s astonishing advance in his profession, is his ability to ‘read’ a song.

Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers, Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield, Max ‘I wanna tell you a story’ Bygraves, Johnny Hallyday and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were among those who joined Bennett in that year’s royal variety performance.

Bennett is now 84 and Dury – then an art student – and Green are dead. But Jack Massarick in the Standard can still praise ‘the undimmed quality of [Bennett’s] voice and for remaining remarkably sane after 60 years in the spotlight’.

2 Responses to “When Ian Dury drew Tony Bennett”

  1. Madeup Says:

    It’s Ian DURY, you philistine

  2. magforum Says:

    more of a blockhead, I’d have thought

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