Observer relaunch on Sunday

The Observer is relaunching on Sunday. The revamp of the magazine supplement it did in 1994 is one of my favourites.

In the week before, the editor seemed to deliberately choose the most downbeat cover topic possible and the designer gave it a cover to match. See what I mean  –

Observer supplement 27 Marchh 1994

How much more dreadful a cover can you get - everything is going downhill

Then comes the wham-bam redesign next week:

Observer supplement redesign 1994

A whacky contrast in all senses of the word from the relanch the week after

In August last year, the Guardian Media Group put the future of the loss-making Observer – the world’s oldest Sunday dating back to 1781 – on review. At the end of the day, the group exists to preserve the Guardian and so the Sunday’s future seemed in doubt. Instead, GMG sold the Manchester Evening News and the rest of its regional titles to Mirror-owning Trinity, thus cutting its ties with the city that gave it birth as the campaigning Manchester Guardian.

Profiles of newspaper groups

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