Where the Wild Things meet the end of the world

Two titles come to my notice with eye-catching graphics on a single theme, but very different agendas.

Little White Lies

Little White Lies comes out six times a year and glories in what’s happening in the film world; the Nov/Dec issue is devoted to the forthcoming Where the Wild Things Are from cult director Spike Jones (Being John Malkovitch). Magculture points out that the cover is designed to sit alongside sister title Huck.

Otaku is a very different beast for fans of manga – Wikipedia reckons the word means ‘people with obsessive interests’. The theme is, cheerily, the end of the world.


I hand over to the editors to explain more:

Otaku magazine wishes to spread survival methods and plans for after the cataclysm. The end of the World started a long time ago, said Edward O. Wilson and others, it has already begun as a great extinction of living species, probably similar to what happened at the end of the last ice age. All the mega-fauna had disappeared and humans started to practice agriculture. The estimations for the number of small and huge extinctions that marked life history on Earth vary from 5 to over 20. The last one, of meteoritic proportions, had crushed the Earth exactly when dinosaurs were the big and mighty creatures of the time.

Great images but, being an international collaboration, don’t expect the English to match!


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