Murdoch’s Sun v Gordon Brown

The Sun has laid into Gordon Brown with a ‘Don’t you know there’s a bloody war on?’ campaign, culminating in attacks over the PM’s alleged spelling errors in a handwritten note to Jacqui Janes.

The FT reports a poll yesterday suggesting the Sun’s campaign could backfire:

Some 65 per cent of respondents to a PoliticsHome poll characterised the tabloid’s coverage as “inappropriate” rather than legitimate journalism and 48 per cent said they were more inclined to defend the prime minister as a result.

But this isn’t the first time the Sun would have called the public mood wrong on a big issue. The biggest error was probably the attacks on the Queen after the paper published the text of her Christmas speech before it had been broadcast. The paper ran its own phone poll – which the Queen won hands-down. Six months later, editor Kelvin McKenzie had left.

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