Engel on Flintoff’s dramatic armpit poses

Matthew Engel writing in the FT has a point to make about those dramatic poses by Freddie Flintoff in the Ashes match:

Flintoff … greeted each succeeding success more elaborately, hoisting his arms aloft in a gesture that seemed increasingly less gladiatorial and more Christ-like. I thought there was something touchingly elegaic about it all until someone whispered the suspicion that he might have been advised such poses could come in useful for his contract advertising deodorant. But Flintoff can be as tacky as he wants if he recaptures the Ashes.

So there’s another amibition realised: to be known as  Freddie ‘Armpit’ Flintoff.

FHM meanwhile will be kicking itself that it didn’t make more of its ‘Train like a pro’ feature, which has Freddie going through his workout session over 3 pages. This includes running up and down 363m high Rivington Pike, as for booze: ‘I don’t have any at all when I’m in training.’ But everyone will be buying it for the free King of Shaves razor, which got a very good showing in the latest Which? review – it’s half the price of the Gillette Fusion Power Stealth. Don’t know how the FHM makes out it cost as £4 though: in the shops, the razor is £4.88 – with 3 extra blades.


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