IPC puts finger on mercenary loyalty

IPC men's research

IPC men's research

IPC has just put out research on men’s behaviour – Today’s Man. It covers brands and purchase decisions and includes the statistics:

  • 48% are less likely to be loyal to brands since the credit crunch
  • 79% agree they are now more likely to buy a brand if it’s on offer

and gives another example of the way marketing subverts and destroys language and meaning.

‘Loyal’ should mean ‘showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution’ yet here it adds the rider: ‘as long as you pay me to be’. This mercenary attitude is best seen in ‘loyalty cards’.

You can add this to ‘housing estates’ – not long before the word ‘sink’ creeps in;  ‘business parks’ – where’s the recreation in that?; and the claim that because people buy or use something, it is their ‘favourite’.

No wonder so many MPs seem to think ‘expenses’ means ‘part of my salary’.


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