Wired and the perils of a magazine launch

part of Wireds June cover

part of Wired's June cover

While subs and editors pore over cover lines and the ad department curses the flat plan, the real determinant of success for a launch like Conde Nast’s Wired in the UK can come down to where newsagents put it on their shelves.

Three comments in Retail Newsagent (17 April issue) sum up the issue:

  1. ‘We haven’t seen anything at all,’ says bridget McNulty of the Paper Shop in Honiton.
  2. ‘I didn’t realise they had launched a British version … I have shelved it with the music magazine,’ was the reaction of Omar Bhatti at the Wishing Well Newsagent in Falkirk.
  3. ‘It has been fantastic … initial supply sold out on the first day … we managed to get some more, we sold out of that as well,’ enthused Peter Wagg at News on the Wharf in London’s Canary Wharf.

Of course, Wired is the sort of title that  should do well among tech-literate men in city centres. Peter Wagg adds an interesting point:

‘I think part of the success lies in the demise of the lads’ mags. people who were into Loaded and FHM have grown up and now Wired is catering for a more mature lad.’

Just what Conde Nast would want to hear.


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