Hitler in Mein Kampf part work

Mein Kampf came in 18 weekly parts

Mein Kampf came in 18 weekly parts

To me, part works conjour up images of knitting, dinosaurs and collections of Inspector Morse videos, so coming across Hitler’s Mein Kampf from the early years of the second world war in 18 weekly parts was a surprise.

The book – which is still banned in Germany – made its murderous author a millionaire, according to the New Statesman, though the royalties on this part work published by Hutchinson & Co seem went to the Red Cross and St John Fund says the cover.

This version appears to have been published during the war and ‘owing to paper rationing can only be delivered to those who sign the order form below and hand it to their newsagent’. It was the original edition, which, wrote the New Statesman, was ‘Stylistically turgid and filled with repetition … was improved to hide that it was written by a half-educated man.’

Hitler wrote the book while in prison in 1923 and the final instalment of the part work has a photograph of him revisiting the institution with some of his former fellow inmates (and what looks like Tony Robinson in plus-fours in tow!).

Comical-looking Hitler with Tony Robinson lookalike!

Comical-looking Hitler with Tony Robinson lookalike!

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9 Responses to “Hitler in Mein Kampf part work”

  1. jade rain Says:

    this is a terrible thing and people should try to destoy every evidence of this bastard !

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  3. Juachim Unknown Says:

    Yes … lets burn more books. Hitler would of been so proud.

  4. 1011 (23) Says:

    Destroy all the evidence of him?
    thats a rather dumb idea. What will we have learned from it?
    Juachim is correct, he would be proud of us responding with hatred
    instead we must leave his books on our shelves and his camps as museums to remind us that whenever we choose ignorance and reply with hate, we are no better than him.

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  6. Len Weir Says:

    So what do I do with a copy of this part work that I want to get rid of – burn it, sell it (how?) or donate it (and to whom)??

    Ideas please

  7. Tony quinn Says:

    I bought my copies from eBay. See tips on buying and selling at http://www.magforum.com/collecting_magazines.htm

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    […] publishers jumping on the bandwagon. The book has been banned there since the war, but Mein Kampf was serialised as a part work in Britain at the start of the conflict with the royalties going to the Red […]

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