About Town’s boredom turns to Telegraph’s fear

About Town discovers boredom

About Town discovers boredom

Britons are ‘living in fear’ as record numbers suffer from anxiety, the Telegraph tells us today. Yet, in 1962, it was boredom that was troubling us according to About Town magazine (above).

Today, ‘ terrorism, knife-crime, MRSA and bird flu have all made people more anxious’, the paper says. So how come nuclear attack, choking smogs and the fear that England might never (or for the Scots, might) win the World Cup, not turn people into winging ninnies in the early sixties?

Probably because there were more obvious comparisons to put such problems in context. As Town points out, ‘Life was never boring during the war’. When you’ve seen up to 1,400 people killed in one night in air raids on one city, the threat of even atom bombs has a real context. No wonder boredom – ‘a word you never heard on Victorian lips’ – had made an appearance. Now, we have people, like  the Mental Health Foundation to make spurious comparisons with last year’s statistics because that’s about as far back as they go.



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