Kelsey ‘disgusted’ by women’s weekly magazines

‘Shocked, bewildered and disgusted, – that’s  former Cosmo editor Linda Kelsey’s reaction to today’s women’s weekly magazines.

Writing in Saturday’s Daily Mail, Kelsey pinpoints headlines such as:

  • ‘Incest Mum Shock: Sex with my son sets me on fire.’
  • ‘Why I want my daughter to be a hooker like me!’
  • ‘What was sticking out of his bum?’

She scanned the covers of 17 weeklies, totting up 20 coverlines relating to killing, dying or stabbing. Some of the graphic details were ‘too shocking for a family newspaper’ [like the Daily Mail – interestingly, the Sun doesn’t carry a Page 3 model on Saturdays because the kids are around at the weekend].

Much of the blame/credit for the change in the women’s weeklies can be laid at the door of Paul Merrill with the sense of the bizarre he gave Chat, with its photograph of a woman’s enormous tumour and condom-in-the-soup stories. Back in 2004, such skills landed him the job of editor of lad’s weekly Zoo.

In 2007, Kelsey spoke out about the lack of black cover models.

Women’s weeklies

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