Buck – one for the new, creative, lad

Buck first issue

Buck first issue

Buck is a lad’s mag with a difference – a world away from the Loaded/FHM/Nuts/Zoo clones and with an individuality that sets it apart from the likes of GQ/Esquire.

The first issue (December cover date), intrigued me with the blazer badge showing a coat of arms. I live opposite alms houses built by the Worshipful Company of Salters, ‘one of twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London’. The Salters go back to 1394 (these days they’re all chemists) and their arms consists of a knight’s helment with an armoured arm on top holding a salt cellar.

Blazer badge

Blazer badge

Buck‘s model sports a blazer badge with an armoured arm holding a branch topped with a crown (the badge is credited to Polo Ralph Lauren). The magazine, or rather editor Steve Doyle, does have a motto and coat of arms:

Doyle coat of arms

Doyle coat of arms

‘Fortitudine Vincit’ – ‘He conquers through fortitude,’ according to my schoolboy Latin.

Doyle – who has put his own money up to fund the launch – will need all the Fortitudine he can muster. Such titles cannot live by UK sales alone, so getting good overseas distribution will be vital.

Perhaps Len Deighton could back Buck with a few bob.

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