Revelling in the gloom

Private Frazer launched himself into the blogging world last year to revel in the ‘doomed’ of the magazine world. Frazer was inspired by Dad’s Army and for those who enjoy a good international revel, there’s a US equivalent Magazine Death Pool – perhaps taking its name from the Clint Eastwood film – with its Museum of Dead Magazines.

Death Pool also prompts me to give a warning to people who print web addresses – don’t leave  off the www. because it’s sometimes vital. Try these two addresses to see what I mean:

In both cases, you can leave off the http:// in modern browsers.

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One Response to “Revelling in the gloom”

  1. privatefraser Says:

    Thanks for the nod Tony.

    If anyone has news, gossip, rumours or suspicions of magazines closing, or of companies laying off staff, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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