Lonely Planet magazine in the shops

BBC Magazine‘s Lonely Planet magazine is set to appear in the shops tomorrow (November 28). The title,  aimed at frequent travellers, will be edited by Peter Grunert who was deputy editor at Top Gear.

In November 2007, BBC Worldwide took control of the Lonely Planet travel guide publisher, which sells 6.5 million guidebooks a year.

The move caused uproar at both Time Out – where founder Tony Elliott led the fight in the late 1980s that led to the breaking of the duopoly of TV Times and the BBC’s Radio Times over television listings – and Wanderlust, which both argue that the publicly funded BBC is distorting the commercial marketplace with its commercial spin-offs through Worldwide.

Wanderlust complained, unsuccessfully, to the Office of Fair Trading about the BBC’s launch – which was to have coincided with Wanderlust‘s 100th issue. (The title is half-owned by founder Lyn Hughes; John Brown and Mark Ellingham – of Rough Guides – have stakes, and Haymarket owns 25%).

Time Out profile

BBC Magazines profile

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2 Responses to “Lonely Planet magazine in the shops”

  1. BBC Lonely Planet Says:

    BBC Lonley Planet is now available at the special trial price of 3 issues for £1.00



  2. BBC magazines under fire « Magforum Says:

    […] Lonely Planet in 2008 came in for particular criticism. The BBC announced its own review in November last year […]

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