Dacre attacks Eady’s ‘privacy law by the back door’

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre has launched an excoriating attack on one of England’s top judges, accusing him of making arrogant and amoral judgments in favour of celebrities that are creating de facto privacy laws.

Dacre’s condemnation of Justice David Eady comes in a talk to the Newspaper Society and published in the Guardian.

Eady has used the privacy clause of the Human Rights Act, says Dacre, to find ‘against newspapers and their age-old freedom to expose the moral shortcomings of those in high places’. Among the cases he quotes are that Eady had:

  • ruled that a cuckolded husband couldn’t sell his story to the press about a wealthy sporting celebrity who had seduced his wife. The judge had ‘placed the rights of the adulterer above society’s age-old belief that adultery should be condemned’; and
  • in effect ruled that it was acceptable for a multimillionaire head of a multibillion sport to pay women to take part in ‘acts of unimaginable sexual depravity’.
  • one man is given a virtual monopoly of all cases against the media, enabling him to bring in a privacy law by the back door.

Eady has had a ‘virtual monopoly’ of cases against the media, says Dacre, enabling him to bring in a privacy law by the back door.

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