Glam Media launches Brash for men

Sean Connery on the Brash preview page last night

Sean Connery on the Brash preview page last night

Magazines such as Time and Rolling Stone are contributing material to Brash, a network of lifestyle websites for men being launched by popular women’s network Glam Media. Samira Arora, boss of the three-year-old women’s website network Glam, told the FT: ‘The internet will do better in a downturn than traditional media.’

Arora’s claim appears to fly in the face of another FT report that online advertising is faltering, with publishers trying to find ways to raise revenue after display ad rates have fallen by a third in the past year. Yet it does tally with statements from Google, whose share price soared last week after its quarterly earnings proved resistant to the advertising downturn. The web search company has predicted that its pay-per-click advertising would do better in a recession than other forms of advertising.

German publisher Bauer – home to Grazia, Pop and Arena Homme in the UK – has announced its own website to do deals with fashion brands – an ‘e-tail club’ – called Cocosa. It and several other UK publishers have appointed Adgent 007 to boost their ad revenue from obverseas sources.

A to Z of women’s magazines at

A to Z of men’s magazines at


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