Marie Claire editor O’Riordan to leave

Marie O’Riordan is stepping down as editor of IPC’s Marie Claire after seven years at the helm. The Guardian reports that: ‘I’m off to fresh woods’. It’s undoubtedly been a tough time, with the launch of Glamour, InStyle and Grazia on her watch. Also, Glenda Bailey – now at Harper’s Bazaar in US – was a hard act to follow. O’Riordan pointed to the level of competition in a 2006 Independent article:

‘Last time the magazine did some serious navel-gazing was in September 2004, but, 20 issues later, there has been a raft of launches and relaunches into our space. We’ve never had this much competition and it’s especially challenging for us now since many “me-toos” have stolen elements of Marie Claire‘s distinctive offering.’

Glamour took the women’s lifestyle/fashion sector by storm in 2001, leaving both Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire trailing in its wake – they even had to copy its handbag format. At 551,351sales a month to Cosmo‘s 470,735 and Marie Claire‘s 316,765, it shows little sign of faltering.

O’Riordan has held up her end for IPC in the face of the onslaught from Natmags and Conde Nast, but she will be remembered for putting men on the cover for the first time, in the shape of David Beckham and later Brad Pitt.

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