New front for digital magazines

It’s hotting up in the digital arena. has stirred up print publishers, while has put together a site full of free digital magazines.

Mygazines, which is facing legal action from publishers for abusing copyright, has defended its strategy in an email to Press Gazette.

Quite how they’ll make money is another question. First of all, who has the time to scan all the magazines for Mygazines? I was impressed when enthusiasts started scanning in one of my old magazines, BBC Acorn User. They got as far as the covers and doing one whole issue – it was 212 pages. Wired seems a bit non-plussed by the idea rather than angry, even though it is one of the titles whose pages have been scanned. It points out that the words are usually available free – though sellers of digital subscriptions may be a bit more hot under the collar.

My lad Max (one of those teenagers who no longer watches TV on a telly or listens to music on a stereo) doesn’t see it as a threat to his beloved biking mags. Rather, he feels it will encourage sampling.


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