Time Out – veteran of London’s streets

Time Outs first issue from 1968


Sell Out first issue from 1975

London listings magazine Time Out is celebrating 40 years on the streets with 200 covers on show at the Museum of London. The Guardian has put 20 online – worth it for the first A2 fold-out issue alone – along with articles by the Observer’s David Smith and former Time Out editor Dominic Wells.

Neither article mentions the City Limits years (with David King’s covers every bit as iconic as Pearce Marchbank‘s for Time Out) or the 1975 launch of Sell Out (with Elliott’s then partner Janet Street Porter as editor) or 20/20 from 1989 (Elliott does appear to have been a one-trick pony, but what a trick, with Time Out launching its 25th edition this year). Elliott’s interviews I’ve seen have been vague on the title’s founding so reproducing the front cover puts a lot more on the record. Also, Smith reveals that the magazine was co-founded by ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris (of Old Grey Whistle Test and Radio 2 fame). Elliott, though, isn’t having much truck with that:

‘Bob drifted away very quickly; frankly, I threw him out after nine months because he disappeared.

‘I was running the business, organising all the distribution, doing all the design and layout. On a score of one to a hundred, Bob’s role in my life has a number of about two.’

But the first issue does have Harris’s name above Elliott’s and it’s an ‘Elliott-Harris publication’.

British graphic design since the sixties – with Time Out and City Limits covers

Time Out profile at Magforum.com

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