Wired to return to UK

Wired UK first issue
Conde Nast is to relaunch Wired magazine, 12 years after an attempt by the Guardian failed. The title first appeared in the US in 1991 with Nicholas Negroponte – head of MIT´s Media Lab – as one of the founders. It boomed with the growth of the web but fell foul of the dotcom bust and was snapped up by the Vogue publisher, which broadened its brief and sought out a more mainstream advertising base.

The Guardian brought Wired to the UK with Tom Paine – one of the founding fathers of the US constitution –  on the cover. However, the UK market for such a US-centric title was too small. Whether it is now big enough to sustain the high fixed costs of the US approach remains to be seen.

The magazine is part of the history of the web, claiming the first banner advert and spinning off the HotBot search engine.

Conde nast profile

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