Radio Times theory to Jill Dando murder

Jill Dando on radio Times cover
The retrial of Barry George rekindles one of the early theories about the 1999 murder of BBC presenter Jill Dando – that the killing had been sparked by that week’s Radio Times cover. The usually wholesome Dando was shown in a leather catsuit standing in front of an Aston Martin below the headline ‘VROOOOOOOM!’ On the back cover was a supposed message in an advert for a book club – ‘Murder’.

The Observer of May 2 suggested:

A stalker, on the other hand, may have thought he had good reason. Her impending marriage and her appearance last week on the cover of the Radio Times wearing a leather jumpsuit and not looking at all like the girl next door of his obsessions may have tipped him over the edge.

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5 Responses to “Radio Times theory to Jill Dando murder”

  1. David Dixon Says:

    As far as I know this was not an early theory with anyone else. In fact I wrote to Nick Ross and a newspaper that offered a reward for information that might advance the Jill Dando inquiry about the significance of this magazine cover in 1999 and didn’t get any replies. No one else noticed it.

  2. Tony Quinn Says:

    The theory was reported in the Sunday Telegraph, 2 May, p23

  3. David Dixon Says:

    Did that include the part about the back cover advertisement?

  4. David Dixon Says:

    Can Mag Forum or Tony Quin please confirm that the back cover advert was included in the Sunday Telegraph article? Mag Forum states this elsewhere but I find it difficult to believe. All I ask is confirmation if this statement is true, please.

  5. What’s hot in magazines « Magforum Says:

    […] Radio Times theory to Jill Dando murder […]

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