Dennis claims: ‘I’ve killed a man’

The billionaire publisher of Maxim and The Week tells the Times he once killed a man – among discussion of poetry, whores and his past addiction to cocaine.

The Daily Mail wades in to investigate.

Dennis Publishing profile


3 Responses to “Dennis claims: ‘I’ve killed a man’”

  1. Simon Owens Says:

    His claims to have killed a man are complete BS. As a journalist myself I can recognize an interview subject like him a mile away. I’m not sure I have an adequate word to describe people like him, but they’re a bane to the journalist’s existence. You leave the interview pissed off at the utter lack of substance that had just been fed to you.

  2. magforum Says:

    True, Felix Dennis is a massive self-publicist – viz the tale of how he got a job on Oz after sending in a tape that Richard Neville then gave to the BBC. But he is value for money – as he showed in dropping his trousers for a front page photograph in the FT! ( And get along to one of his poetry readings if you can – the free wine is fantastic.

  3. magforum Says:

    Follow the link to hear the Oz story in Rosie Boycott’s Radio 4 feature on the underground press in the UK – if you’re quick – at

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