ABCs perplex even Hepworth

David Hepworth summarises the big story from the latest ABC figures:

The celebrity weeklies such as Heat (down 11% to 533,034), Closer (down 10% to 548,594) and Now (down 12.9% to 470, 290) are suffering from the same malaise as the men’s monthlies a few years ago. It’s a combination of the fact that in the UK, once your circulation goes above 500,000, you cross the border between being a phenomenon and a bit passĂ©.

However, even a veteran observer such as Hepworth seems to find contradictions in each trend he seems to identify:

Having said that this doesn’t seem to apply to OK!, which posted a startling rise of 9% to 683,451. It could be that the vogue for waspish accounts of the ups and downs of celebrity has passed, and the rump of the readership is happy with bovine reverence.

But it seems bad news across the board for the lads’ mags – and ShortList couldn’t even give away its target 500,000 (462,731)!

Roy Greenslade’s view


One Response to “ABCs perplex even Hepworth”

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