Fabulous gap for the Screws

Peter Preston, former Guardian editor, argues that Fabulous, the new supplement for the News of the World that is firmly aimed at women, has opened up a gap between itself and the rest of the paper (‘Nice try to turn the Screws, but is it Fabulous?‘).

The News of the World had plodded away with its boob-congested old Sunday supplement over three decades: flimsy, tatty, downmarket, all of a piece with the paper it accompanied. But Fabulous is wholly different.

This, he feels, could be a problem for the main paper’s editor:

The problem is wondering whether the rest of the paper – shrewdly edited by a real old pro, Colin Myler – can keep up with what the girls are doing with their bumper bundle. You can smarten up the typography – Myler has. You can add oodles more colour – Myler will, as soon as all Rupert Murdoch’s new presses come on stream in a few months’ time.

Yet, nevertheless, it is still the old News of the Screws: sharp-elbowed, crudely jokey, inexorably locked into nights of passion with minor TV stars and tales of what happens when Gary Goldenfoot plays away. There isn’t a neat, natural fit, in sum. There isn’t the snug placing the Mail on Sunday contrives for its two added mags [You for its women readers and Live, ‘the only men’s magazine in the national press’], cleverly constructed extensions of the core newsprint version’s appeal.

He sums up:

A magazine that works on Sunday has to belong to the main body of the kirk and bring something to the party – which means it’s down to Myler now.

Fabulous launch -‘So this is fabulous?’


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