So this is Fabulous?

Kelly Osbourne on Fabulous coverThe relaunched News of the World supplement Fabulous hit the streets on Sunday as ‘Britain’s biggest weekly glossy’.  It justifies the  word ‘biggest’ not on the strength of its size  (74  sub-A4 pages) but on the fact that it has the biggest print run  (the paper sells 3.2m every week).

Kelly Osbourne was the cover girl (she’s 23 – and still calls herself a brat) and the rest seems to tick all the right boxes (diet, relationships, fashion, beauty and lifestyle) for the target female audience. Will NotW now follow the Mail with a mag for men?

The magazine seems to have taken a leaf out of rival Express publisher Richard Desmond with an attempt to make money off the back of a website.  He tried it with a whole bookshelf magazine linked to a website; Fabulous sells the clothes it features in an online ’boutique’ (you can ‘click and buy’ the dresses Osbourne’s wearing and Chloe Sevigny’s ‘so-so’ glasses) and there are copious links to a dating website.

Most of the articles from the mag are on the website, though the  designs  are rejigged because web layouts have to be cruder than in print. For example, the Suzanne Shaw beauty page has the headline moved to the top of the web page because it would be below the ‘fold’ otherwise. In other cases, a page with several items has them presented individually online.

The Guardian gives the mag a big review and says ‘To be fair to News International, the launch of Fabulous is a big deal.’ But is it? Sure the numbers are big, but do people really care about these supplements and other free mags?

2 Responses to “So this is Fabulous?”

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