NoW seeks inspiration in Closer

The News of the World is to launch a Closer-style magazine called Fabulous as part of its relaunch under new editor Colin Mylar. The news comes in an interview with him – ‘Sex, drugs and responsibilities’ in the Independent.

The title will be a glossy with high production values and come out on 3 February. The paper’s sales figure is 3.2m every week, giving the title one of the biggest print runs in the UK.

Myler ‘didn’t think [the previous magazine] was relevant to our women readers and I think it had completely lost touch with the market’. Fabulous will feature fashion, beauty, accessories, celebrity and real life. Myler adds: ‘Nobody has produced a magazine on the scale that we are doing, and of this quality – and it’s free. The market research from potential readers has shown one fact loud and clear – they said, not knowing it would be coming free with the News of the World, that they would have been prepared to pay between 70p and £1 for it as a standalone.’

Hmmm. Isn’t that what the Mail on Sunday said when it tried to sell You separately for £1? That lasted about six months. The fact is that the big nationals have had a hard time with this – the Mirror put a fortune into its M launch before that folded. What might make the NoW‘s effort different is that News International has made a shift back to magazines with News Magazines running weekly Love It! and Sky.

Furthermore, Myler has taken on Mandy Appleyard from Emap as Fabulous editor and already has Jane Johnson, former editor of Closer, as his deputy. He says the supplement will have a staff of 23, with Johnson as editorial director.


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