Haymarket sidesteps criticism

Camoflague magazine cover
Haymarket’s contract arm has refused to comment on accusations that its title  Camouflage glamourises warfare, saying it is a customer title published for the army.

The attack comes from the influential Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, whose researcher told Press Gazette that describing a tank as ‘reeking of power’ and war as ‘raining down lead on the bad guys’ was unethical.

If the publisher is happy to send the title out to schools, it seems odd that it won’t defend it. After all, Haymarket Network commissions the work – and would land in court in any libel case. But there’s no doubt a lot of politics involved – something Michael Heseltine, the company’s founder, knows all about, having been Margaret Thatcher’s defence minister.

You can see him below as a whistling cherub at Thatcher’s feet on the famous Sunday Times Magazine cover (21 April 1980) below

sunday times


2 Responses to “Haymarket sidesteps criticism”

  1. Peter Hobday Says:

    So how would the Joseph Roundtree Trust describe war and the tank?

    How about:

    ‘We would certainly not ‘rain down lead’ on ‘bad guys’ but use wine and diplomacy instead to clear up disputes and misunderstandings, and only as a last resort use low-power tanks with a neutral smell.’

    I think it is the Joseph Roundtree’s place to provide an alternative form of words, not Haymarket’s place to defend our Ministry of Defence, which is, after all, employed and paid by us to defend itself.

    This could get complicated ..

  2. Flann O’Brien and Town’s girl in red water | Magforum Says:

    […] Town, famously owned by Michael Heseltine, known as ‘Tarzan’ during his time in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet. Joe Labine, from the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, was keen to see the profile of […]

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