Turning girls into lads

I heard at the weekend that my daughter and her friends gained cheap entry and drinks to a London nightclub as long as they did pole-dancing lessons. And a friend’s daughter was propositioned several times after she joined an upmarket escort agency top earn some cash at university.

So perhaps I shouldn’t be  surprised to read in the Guardian that ‘The websites of magazines for teenage girls are apeing the techniques of so-called “lads’ mags” by urging girls barely out of primary school to upload photographs of themselves and post highly critical ratings of their own and others’ bodies’.

Girls teen title Minx tried similar tactics back in 1996 (though not so blatantly). It was described as a cross between Company and Loaded, that aimed to sell to ‘young, assertive, rather scary young women’. Emap closed Minx in 2000, despite sales of 120,000 a month.

Perhaps these tacky websites should do us all a favour and close down now.


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