No Condé Nast, no comment

Portfolio September front coverToday’s Financial Times picks up on two magazine stories – both from Condé Nast titles. The paper’s People column in the UK edition quotes a Portfolio story (‘Blackmail, sex and corporate secrets‘) that BP chief Lord Browne balked at revealing his sexual orientation during a discussion on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs about Così Fan Tutte, the first opera he attended, despite careful preparation.

vanity fair oct 2007 coverMeanwhile, the Observer column in the US FT ignores Nicole Kidman baring her all and homes in on the ‘juicy titbits’ from October’s Vanity Fair about spats between billionaires Stephen Schwarzman and Henry Kravis, of private equity groups Blackstone and KKR respectively.

Schwarzman, ‘who often spend $3,000 on a weekend’s worth of food’, did not invite Kravis to his 60th birthday party, which featured Rod Stewart, because Kravis failed to invite him to his flat for dinner. Poor dears.


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